The aeronautical sector and more generally the entire industry is today entering a turning point in its history. Each group and company work to produce ever more efficient equipment and systems, increasingly integrating the environmental concept. This is what Aviatube strives to do daily. The company is also working in collaboration with engineering schools and universities to accelerate its innovation process, acquire and expand the use of new digital and production technologies.

If you are motivated by the technological tomorrow’s challenges, Aviatube is recruiting experts and new talent. Engineers, managers, technicians and operators, joining Aviatube means joining a company where initiative and taking responsibility are at the heart of our working values.

Joining Aviatube is contributing to the development of a long established medium sized company and to the construction of an aerospace group, Aviagroup Industries, alongside our three sister companies. By joining Aviatube, you are integrating a human-sized company that relies on its employees’ performance. Thus, you participate in the fulfilment of ambitious projects and you are an actor in the development of a new aerospace group.


Working at Aviatube means joining a community of dedicated women and men where the success of the company is intimately linked to that of its employees. We believe that this success depends on listening and sharing. It is therefore by placing people at the heart of our professional relationships and our project that we together conquer new markets and have participated for years in the development of Aviatube, and tomorrow of Aviagroup Industries.

Working at Aviatube means being a key actor in its success and that of company. From their first day, our employees evolve in an appropriate climate to sharing and they fully commit to the achievement of the company ambitious projects. Thus, they participate in the level of excellence of our professions and our qualifications. At Aviatube, it is together that we take up new challenges.