Aviagroup Industries, through its companies Indraero, Aerocast and/or Structural Aerospace Morocco, provides its customers a technical support in the design of the future design of complex parts thanks to its expertise in mass production. Aviagroup Industries allows its customers to anticipate possible problems by intervening from the design phase of their parts.
Aviagroup Industries also offers its customers an identically redesign of obsolete parts if they have no longer any industrial tools, or even plans for a spare part. From this unique part, Aviagroup Industries, through the expertise of its companies Indraero and/or Structural Aerospace Morocco, can produce an equivalent design, new plans, adapted industrial tools and thus remake this part identically. Consequently, the Group offers its customers a complete reverse engineering of a part, even going as far as carrying out the strength and assembly tests necessary to validate the reverse engineering.


Aviagroup Industries, on its Indraero, Aerocast and/or Structural Aerospace Morocco facilities, designs and implements high rate series industrialisations for programs with very high production rates. This ability to rapidly implement these new programs allows Aviagroup Industries to carry out unique industrialisations and specific to each major series, in particular on the Airbus A320, in order to be able to ramp up quickly according to customers lead-time. Aviagroup Industries can also double its assembly line in Morocco, at the best cost, and thus ensure the continuity and competitiveness of large series programs with all the guarantees of aeronautical quality.


Aviagroup Industries, through its companies Indraero and/or Structural Aerospace Morocco, provides its customers with a team of experts dedicated to the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of all types of part both for aircrafts in production and for those whose manufacturing has ceased, thanks to its PART 21G approval. The Argenton-sur-Creuse and Déols facilities, near Châteauroux, but also the Casablanca facility in Morocco, concentrate all the main know-how in the production of complex metal aerostructures. From precision machining to assembly, including surface treatment, Aviagroup Industries speedshop teams offer the possibility of changing and repairing many parts that must be urgently treated in a timely manner.